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Have you been slacking? 10 Training Tips To Get Back In The Fitness Groove

Simple Ways To Start Exercising Again After A Break What happens when you reach your fitness goals? Most of us take it easy, celebrate. We reward ourselves for making it. And we slack off, especially if it’s summer and the parties, bonfires, concerts and barbecues beckon. Cardio is the last thing we feel like doing […]

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10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

The Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Metabolism is your body’s chemical processes. We also use the word informally for how fast or slow your body burns calories. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn, and the easier it is to lose weight – and keep it off. The girl who eats all […]

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5 Reasons Whole-Body Workouts Are Superior

5 Major Benefits of Total-Body Workouts For decades the bodybuilding community has been equally interested in full body programs and split routines. But now the interest is getting skewed towards one or the other. You could join any one of the camps, but we suggest whole body workouts, to maximize the time spent in the […]

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Top 5 Exercises To Build A Rounder Butt

Top 5 Exercises To Build A Rounder Butt When it comes to building a fantastic set of glutes, you’ll hear a lot of different opinions about what works. Some people say deadlifts and heavy squats are all you need. Others say we can hip-thrust our way to a desirable derriere. So, who’s right? As it […]

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Which Cardio is Best For Fat Loss | Clearing Up The Confusion

Which Cardio is Best For Fat Loss | Clearing Up The Confusion Is it the treadmill? The rowing machine? What type of cardio burns the most calories? Don’t forget that if you’re trying to gain size and strength, the less cardio the better. But you do need some for fat loss. How much cardio is […]

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