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5 Surefire Ways to Lose Fat and Build Muscle

It’s the question on everyone’s mind. Especially those who gain fat easily and don’t see results from training designed for skinny ectomorphs. And you’ll find a lot of opinions in the fitness community. But there’s one piece of advice that’s going to be universal. You’ve got to know your body and get your body’s metabolism […]

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6 Ways Sleep Can Help You Burn Fat More Effectively

Wish you could lose weight while you sleep? You actually can. In fact, you could sleep a little over 8 hours without feeling guilty, on expert authority. Your body burns fat while you sleep. How well you sleep affects how you burn fat when you’re awake. Turns out sleeping is a fantastic diet tool that […]

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8 Simple Strategies for More Effective Weight Loss

So you’ve tried dozens of strategies from supplements to weight loss diets to good old-fashioned running. Some or all of these methods may have worked to help you shed pounds. But how do you maximize your efforts and get the best results? Simple things like adjusting how much carbs to fats you take in your […]

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5 Reasons Women Find It More Challenging To Lose Fat | And What To Do About It

There are some places a woman just has it tougher. In the boardroom where her idea gets recognized only when repeated by a bloke; the whole nine months of childbearing; and at the gym. In what seems like a cruel joke given the pressure a woman has to always look fit and fabulous, she just […]

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5 Proven Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

What’s Keeping You? If you’d rather hotfoot it out of the gym early than wait for your turn at the treadmill, you’ve got company. Gym owners don’t expect more than 18 percent of their members to turn up regularly. More than half gym members are commitment phobic. Many very likely lack the motivation to continue.  […]

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