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david moore

straight forward fitness for busy people who want to live a better life!

If you’re not living your life as an incredibly fit and confident person, there’s usually a reason for it. We’ll find it together. With over 12 years of experience I’m a trained specialist in lifestyle and body transformation, and have the knowledge and system you need to transform your life.

Ever seen someone with a great body — you know, really in shape — and said “I wish I could pull that off... they’ve gotta be incredibly lucky to have a body like that!”

No more. Way too often, people think their physique is due to genetics or bone structure, or that a low fat/low carb diet might transform your physique. But none of this is true — it takes an accumulation of bad habits (not genetics) to get the unsatisfying body you have, and it takes an accumulation of great habits to get the one you want. And I can teach (and show) you how to do it — through simple, incredibly effective training and nutrition.

Fitness isn't-one-size-fits all. At The Moorefitliving Gym in South Surrey, British Columbia, our clients are provided with an unmatched training experience. Our programs are customized to you and your goals, and we are dedicated to helping you improve your health and fitness and live your best life; and you can see the difference.

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