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Imagine, in as little as 12 weeks having the fit healthy body you've always wanted, and not having to flip your life around in order to get it. Envision having the vitality to be at your best sunrise to sunset, having the confidence to do all the things you've been putting off, having the certainty you can make the correct choices at the opportune time, and realizing that you truly do have the ability to change, not only your body but anything else you set your mind to. The Moorefitliving Program was designed to strip fat off your body in the shortest period of time possible, while improving muscle tone, shape, and keeping your Metabolism churning. If, you're serious about Looking and Feeling your Best, this program is for you.

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Fitness isn't-one-size-fits all. At The Moorefitliving Gym in South Surrey, British Columbia, our clients are provided with an unmatched training experience. Our programs are customized to you and your goals, and we are dedicated to helping you improve your health and fitness and live your best life; and you can see the difference.

client transformations:

​​​​​12 weeks!

​​​​​it's more than building a body. it's about Building a life.


our clients tell us . . .

The gym used to be a scary place for me and I would only go once every 6 months. David's mind is like an encyclopedia of exercises and he knows exactly how to show and explain proper form. I have never worked out so hard in my life and I feel great, he is so encouraging!

-Elizabeth Ericson

I wasted a lot of time at drop-in gyms and just being a cardio bunny. I never saw any results and always gave up. I started training with David and finally learned how to workout right! He is meticulous about form and knowledgeable about nutrition. He'll create a personal plan for you to get the body you want. It's not easy, but worth it!

-Cristy B

David is the full PT package: professional, super dedicated, motivating, a support system both inside and outside the gym; sometimes he's even funny! Most of all his approach works, I noticed real body changes within a month.

-Sarah Daigneault

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david moore

It's time you take your body to remarkable new heights. If you're serious about having a lean, toned, energetic body; there's no single better method or training system you can take part in than the Moorefitliving Program.

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