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Imagine, in as little as 12 weeks having the fit healthy body you've always wanted, and not having to flip your life around in order to get it.

Envision having the vitality to be at your best sunrise to sunset, having the confidence to do all the things you've been putting off, and realizing that you truly do have the ability to change, not only your body but anything else you set your mind to. 

The Moorefitliving Program was designed to strip fat off your body in the shortest period of time possible, while improving muscle tone, shape, and keeping your metabolism churning. 

If, you're serious about losing fat, looking and feeling your best, this program is for you.

why choose moorefitliving?

A scientific approach to fitness & nutrition

The wrong plan and approach for getting lean and into shape; can not only prevent you from obtaining the result you want, it can actually damage your metabolism long-term and perpetually leave your body in a state where it actually fights to hold on to your body's fat stores.

Obviously, this is the last thing that you want to have happen to you and your body. Yet, sacrificing muscle and shape, and negatively impacting metabolic rate are common outcomes for many people who follow a generic fitness approach. 

Fortunately, the Moorefitliving 12 Week Program is a scientifically-based fat-burning method that uses the combined sciences of exercise and nutrition so you can get lean while increasing your muscle size, and ensuring your metabolism keeps cranking both at rest and during exercise. 

Client transformations:
12 Weeks

what our clients are saying...


If you're looking for a trainer, You've found him. David is hands down the best trainer out there. His training methods are tailored to hitting all the key areas of the body very efficiently with movements that have low risk to injury. All you need to do is just listen to what he tells you to do, give it your best and you'll get results. I personally lost 42 pounds (37 pounds of pure body fat) in 24 weeks with his program.

Keith Napodi


I wasted a lot of time at drop-in gyms and just being a cardio bunny. I never saw any results and always gave up. I started training with David and finally learned how to workout right! He is meticulous about form and knowledgeable about nutrition. He'll create a personal plan for you to get the body you want. It's not easy, but worth it!

Cristy B


I started training with David earlier this year. He's so motivating, patient, and understanding. Like a lot of people, I have gym anxiety and don't like going into busy gyms. I love the one-on-one workouts with David, and I don't think there is ever more than 2-3 people in the gym at one given time. It's difficult to find a trainer that you connect with and one whom you feel truly cares. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get in shape!

Karen Dhesi

don't hesitate, get started with moorefitliving today!

it's more than building a body. it's about building a life.

your first 7-days are on us. come and get your sweat on!!!

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